Sunday, September 9, 2012

the Julia Terr Annual at the Center

The opening happened this last Friday night.  It was pretty fun.  5pm to 7pm.  Lots of people showed up to check out all the great pots.  I enjoy openings like's fun to talk to people about what I'm doing.  And it's fun to have a few friends in the show.  I get to talk them up.  Below are a few pics of what was being shown.  It really is a handsome show.

A group of bottles made by yours truly.  These came out of that salt firing I did a week ago.  Lookin sharp as a grouping, huh?  $110 each if your interested.  Just let me know!

This piece really took the cake.  If there were any awards this one probably would have won.  It's made by Peter Pincuss.  

Fetish Ghost in the house!!!  It was the first time I got to handle his work... I've only seen them online.  Cool designs.  Good pots.  It's hard to tell but the surface is so soft.  

Here are two pots by Lee Middleman.  People were literally drooling over these.

The Ernest Gentry himself with a fine covered jar.  Ernie's pots are small yet they carry themselves in a large way. 

My man, Perry Haas with a nice drinking set.  Perry is a damn good potter. 

A local potter, Kathy Kearns and former teacher of mine had a big water jar on display.  Historically speaking this form was used to keep the dust down, not to water the plants. 

So that's that.  Nice show huh?  I think in a week or something the show will be online for people to see and buy.  I'll let you know about it.


  1. I was hoping to make it out to the opening Friday night too. Spent the week looking forward to finally getting to see your smiling face and meeting you.

  2. ah bummer. I bet we'll bump into one another sooner or later.