Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Day 14 at Sonoma Community Center.  I've finally got some pots rolling along their journey to completion.  It's a strange thing, coming to a new place to work.  I sort of knew what to expect..but you never really know until you're there.  It's been a little difficult getting the ball rolling on some new work..  there was such a hurricane of things that had to be done before I got here.  I had some time today to think about it..since I wasn't spending the entire day working, but instead...ohhh watching my new favorite show on netflix, Louis C.K. or all the George Carlin I can stand..    I think the biggest change that's sort of screwing with my mind right now.. is that I have no real responsibilities.. a few hours of studio upkeep, teaching one classy a week....and my own studio work.

Here's the break-down: Ever since I've been committed to clay..there's always been something else out there to take up my time.. like school, working as a dish-washer, line-cook, production pottery, or helping Matt fix something up.. you know, just SOMETHING that took more precedence then my own work.  For years my work has been on the lower end of my "to-do" lists in the morning...  so now?  Now it's just weird, you know?  But I'm working it out.. I am.  Don't get me wrong though- all those other things I had to do were amazing and wonderful and I"m glad I had the experience of doing it.... those are the things I had to do to get myself here.  Now that I'm here, it's different.  Redlodge? Yah I had two months there..but two months is FAST...this one is three times as long..and now I don't feel the pressure.  I've always worked under pressure.  You know what I'm talking about.. that two week deadline and there's no other options.   It's funny how I can become used to something like that...

To say the least, I'm getting the ball rolling.. it was nice to get a board of pots carved today..and have another few boards ready to trim up tomorrow morning.


  1. If this work is the result of moving your art up the "to-do" list, all I can say is WOW! This stuff is beautiful! And that is NOT because I am you mom either. BTW - I love reading your blog. xxxooo