Sunday, May 13, 2012

Kiln Dayz. Bozeman. Dave Peters.

If any of you internet folks have kept tabs, or heard about what's happening within the clay community of Montana,  you've probably heard of Dave Peters.  In fact, if you've been reading this blog for the last few years I'm sure I've mentioned him once or twice, or posted a picture of when we fired together.  Dave Peters is a fellow alumni of USU and an avid wood-firer.  Balls to the wall, all goes or nothing wood fire guy.... and at the same time, a very sensitive and talented clay artist, with an immense well of knowledge.

and here's something to say about it....


"You're Welcome"

Here it is.  Talking with Dave about the design and why it's been built this way is like hearing/reading the next book on firing wood kilns.  It's a hybrid of an Anagama and Train, with a massive fire box that will have stepped primary airs (like a Train), leading through a throat arch that bellies into the velumptuous main chamber (Anagama) and then smashes into the generous space of the chimney (the normal checkerboard exit flue will be built with saggars and other pots).  It can be loaded from both front and end.

 Dave knows his bricks, knows how to stack, knows how to load and knows how to fire.  This kiln is going to be the bomb-diggity-shizzle in less then a month and I'm really looking forward to the results.  So should you be.

My good friend, Andrew Chenania and I made the 2 hour drive to Bozeman to meet up with Dave and give him a hand for a good day of stacking brick.  While Dave worked on the firebox, Andrew and I put down the courses making up the chimney.  Further courses up, we started adding what we called "ticklers", which are just bricks flipped into the stack to cause terbulance of the flame..and in effect, cutting back on the amount of smoke that leaves the kiln.

  The bricks went up sort of quickly..and eventually before we had to leave, Dave cut open the roof... something I see as a very meaningful step in the process.  Once that roof is exposed..  it's sure getting close.  It was nice to hear Dave sound so excited about the progress made today.

It was also an amazing treat to stack brick that were brand spanking new.  Andrew was so happy about it that he had to give a pallet full of new brick a big hug.  I throughly agreed with him.

Please stay tuned!!  More exciting news coming soon.

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  1. Thoroughly interesting and I am very amazed at the abilities of so many young people accomplishing so much.