Sunday, March 18, 2012

good times

the day after st. could i possibly be ok to do anything? maybe i've conditioned my liver well enough to handle a night of irish whisky and dancing..only to go to the studio to unload a big gas kiln full of pots for the up and coming Cat firing here at Redlodge (i'm planning to load this coming Tuesday- please stay tuned!!). And not only unload a kiln..but take a couple of hours and run around the creek with my buddy, Markus... and go fishing. Hell, we even tipped a log over the stream as a make-shift bridge. I felt like I was 13 again..running around through the thick of a stream bed, catching fish and laughing with a close friend. And to top it off I found a spike deer, and a beaver skull. I even caught my largest trout there so far.. it must have been about 16 inches, off the main channel of the creek. The last Brown I hooked in the gills.. so tonight, it will feed me and my roomie, Courtney. It was soooo fun. I love pots and I love fishing!

Here's a few shots of what's been going on.

The pots above are some new forms that i've been coil building...

a few of the gang glazing some "empty bowls"

A fish and a few pb.ers.

and the abandoned house where Courtney and I met a Mountain Lion. No kidding. a True Story. There was a Mountain Lion in the same house as us. I'll give you full details later when we're face to face.

Montana sure is fun.

And I heard the Bears are awake....

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