Thursday, January 26, 2012

Play time

A very important part of working is the regular time of play that should follow. If you can't play, and only work.. you go crazy. Isn't that from the Shining? Anyhoo..happy to say that this morning I got to play.

I went out along the great Missouri River to Matt's "Two-Rainbow" spot. Two Rainbow is the name he gave it, because each time he seems to pull out two, but today it was more like 3, or 6. Well, we kept 3. Gorgeous day with light winds..and just mesmerizing to be out in the open air and natural world. I haven't seen so many ducks and geese and eagles in a long time. We're heading back tomorrow morning!

Here's Matt brandishing the big catch of the day...which was about 19.5 inches. It will definitely make a good dent in the space of the smoker we use for most of these trout. We were fishing off a few tiny beds the trout had been keeping clean... and this guy was the biggest. Quite fun to watch Matt pull in because it had a good amount of tricks trying to keep itself in the water.

And look at how orange the flesh is! It's hard to find so called, "salmon" at the grocery store that have color like this. The flesh is firm and tasty...we'll be enjoying a fillet tonight for sure.

(please notice the Free Ceramics mug at the right!)

My time is winding down here in Helena, at least for a few months, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what Redlodge is like. Tomorrow night we're having a small dinner and Gin and Tonic party to really send me off..and by Sunday I should be packed up and setting up a new studio.

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