Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nice Cooling

I've had many conversations about what happens in a kiln going up and coming down..and sometimes I just can't articulate it well enough or get the point across..that important things not only happen going up when we fire kilns, but also when it's cooling.

I emailed John Neely yesterday, asking him for an article he wrote for Ceramics Monthly way back when. I couldn't remember the title of it or for what magazine it was in.. I just knew that there was a section of it that explains how Iron Oxide changes, depending on temperature and atmosphere. Really cool stuff.

Here's the article.

I guess the copyright probably belongs to CM, but that's ok.. I'm not selling it or anything. If you do take this article and pass it on, make sure you mention where it came from. Thanks and enjoy.


  1. Thanks for posting this article. As an urban potter, my work has been fired in a, electric kiln with a breathtakingly fast firing/cooling cycle for years now. When I find myself face to face with historical Asian pots, I often get lost in the depth and character of the glazes, so unlike most of what I see. Good to be reminded of how the core processes have changed and how that affects outcomes.