Tuesday, March 15, 2011

kids..holy hell this is fun!

i'd have to say today was the most fun I've had playing with kids. Emily and I came in without a game plan.. and on the fly Emily suggested we all make a horse together.. so we broke it down into horse parts and kids were assigned certain parts..like Izzy and Gillian got to make the head, Emily and I did a couple of the legs, Xander did the tail and saddle.. and Saul did the body, a leg and a saddle too (there's two saddles there).

We explained that if we all made parts I could attach them later on once they set up..which is what I thought I'd do, but after class I just couldn't wait..and did it anyways. I guess the tail will go on after it's fired..glue it in or something.

And then of course.. we are what we're around and maybe I'll have to explore something like this:

this is a very serious wall piece i made a few weeks back and wood fired..but it just looks so much better with a couple of funny lookin guys sitting on top. I mean, really, if the world can't take potters serious..why should we take ourselves serious? This is just too much fun...


  1. that is a brilliant horse!!! you are having too much fun :))

  2. lets hope the horse survives! it's such a fun change of pace to have them show up for a few hours...