Monday, February 21, 2011

Studio update

Tomorrow our first kids class starts. We got a few actually, so it's all coming together.. this last week, since I've been back from Missoula has been a non-stop, 12 hour days getting this place ready to go. We've finished the half-walls, tomorrow morning will, hopefully, see the trim and crown molding .. i added a few stripes of paint to give some color to the room. Look at these! What a great bunch of really awesome stools that our good buddy, Scott got together for us. He showed up a few mornings back with all the wood ready to assemble. What a great guy and some super awesome stools! From the people floating around the building we keep getting a lot of compliments on them.

Emily and I sat down and brainstormed some ideas and a kind of lesson plan for the next month..and it's going to be so cool- I'm going to sit down and make bugs and castles and horses, yes horses, and pinch pots and coil pots with a bunch of kids... sounds more like fun then a job to me.

Stay tuned for the unloading of the Missoula kiln, probably a post around next Tuesday. But before that I'll introduce you to the new wood-fire resident at the Bray, Kenyon Hansen and the Train kiln he's loading this weekend. Also, I'll show you the loading from Tara Wilson's kiln. I'm glad I held back a group of pots so I can get involved.. Both of these two are loading and firing this weekend.

Wish us luck tomorrow for our first kid's class!


  1. I've been following this project since the beginning. Things are really coming together, brian....And those stools are awesome! You guys are going to do great.

  2. we had a thought that maybe..if this doesn't work out, we can go into the stool making business... eh? hah.. (by the way my name is Bobby, not Brian- no worries)

  3. Haha, funny thing... I was going to post a comment about how cool the stools were...

    But the new space is awesome! Great job with that and the kids classes.