Friday, February 4, 2011

Do it for the kids! (and a new studio) I'm involved with some serious schemers over here in Helena, Montana. We're all extremely motivated to get this business rolling and are willing to take some risks to get there. So here it is! Our plan.. we've moved into a sweet space on the second floor of where our plaster studio is. How will we pay for it? Why that's easy...Get involved with the community and teach the kids how to play with clay! don't need to be taught how to play with it..but we'll coordinate activities for them. Turns out that a lot of after school art activities in town have stopped and the arts in the schools are getting seriously there seems to be a demand for something like this. Luckily Emily and Matt have been inovled here for so long..and know many parents, otherwise this venture might be more difficult.

This is a shot from the back corner, where my studio will be. We had to move out a lot of stuff like these glass cases.

In exchange for my teaching ability.. I'll be getting a studio space that's 13 feet by 13 feet. I'll be working on the Free Ceramics line here, and my own work. I'll be close to the plaster room so Matt and I can push further into slip casting the line..and also there will be a permanent area..wait, like our own gallery space with finished work for sale.

Look at how that space just swallowed my equipment to make pots.

This is so cool, right??

We're stoked.

There's a lot to get ready for before the classes building some half walls and basic furniture for the kids to use. It's going to be a wild ride too, since this month I've also committed to firing three different wood kilns. We just love to be busy...

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  1. Love that space! You're so lucky! Have fun with the kids, and keep on Mudding!