Friday, November 12, 2010

Kiln Dayz

“Get ‘er done” That seems to be the attitude about the kiln as the end of November gets nearer and nearer. There is so much on my plate these days, even more so then it was while I was at school. I remember thinking my last semester (May, 2010) about what I had really learned and I realized that in school, they teach you many many things and if you pay attention you can learn quite a lot, but what it all comes down to is how well they taught you how to multi-task. Can you juggle a ton of deadlines? Can you keep those who are counting on you happy? Can you do all these things and still make good work??? I think I learned how to do all that… and like a friend told me the other day, “well, you made those decisions, didn’t you?” Yes, yes… No room to complain when it’s you who are in the drivers seat.

Many days from Scott, Andrew and a day given from Crista has the kiln to this point. It’s still getting close… A couple of minor adjustments and tweeks has the kiln to a place where ‘ole Peg Udall’s plans are now just guidelines. But that’s normal, right? It wouldn’t be right if this kiln didn’t reflect those building her. It looks awesome, doesn’t it? I was so happy where it’s at I gave Scott a big hug after he showed me everything he’s done.

and now? I have a lot of bricks to clean. I have a lot of pots to make.

Thanks guys.

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