Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kiln Day 4, "The Shed and first Bricks"

Yet another Sunday has come to pass and I'm here with my little nephew catching Mooses in the house while his parents are at a dinner party. I don't know how many small mooses I had to catch but that kid really has a lot packed away in an imaginary freezer and oven. But an average Sunday these days hasn't only been about imaginary animals or make-believe.. it's been about the new Kiln we've been dreaming of for a couple of months. A dream that's quickly becoming a reality...

We met up at Scotts place again around 10 am and to my surprise there was already about 3 guys there working. Scott had been busy the entire week cutting the wood for the kiln shed..and he didn't cut any corners at all. This timber is from his property that have been killed by Pine Beetles. He's cleared a lot of trees and we're all super grateful to be able to use the trees in this way (and later on to fire with!!). And by the way what you're seeing here is only half of the shed. The rest is going to be finished after we build the stack. There's talk of a blacksmithing area and possibly a pizza oven that will be near the back area of the kiln.... we shall see!!!

Throughout the day there was a number of times that I stopped what I was doing to look up and see what everybody was up to... All together we had 10 people there and many times everybody was working on something... 20 hands working! It really makes me happy to be involved with all these super cool people.. Things just keep on rolling along and by the end of the day while a few of the guys were installing the rafters of the shed, Andrew, Crista and I started laying down the first layers of brick. It's going to be hard not getting up there this next week..but I think I will anyways and just get it ready for the Arch form and stacking the Arch... which will be next Sunday's Kiln Episode.

Check in later this week for the next video, of Kiln Day 4, "The Shed and first Bricks".

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