Saturday, August 28, 2010

Udall's baby

Now that I have some bricks...and the actual kiln not being a dream any more..I sent the word out to a few friends about what I wanted in a kiln... and they pointed me towards these plans. This is just the type of kiln I want to build. It's realistic, compact, and the turn around for firing will be perfect for me to load and fire. This is a dandy of a little kiln by Peg Udall in Jack Troy's book, Wood-fired Stoneware and Porcelain. I was thinking "the bigger the better" and I began to have dreams and wishes about tying in an Anagama before the arch...then realized I should just get this thing up and get firing. I've helped construct a couple of kilns but this will be my first which I'm in charge of. Later this week I have to transport another couple of loads to the site... Then it's time to clean them all and get them ready. Anybody have a lot of concrete they dont want? So far I've only put in labor and not spent a dime..I'd like to see just how much of this whole thing my friends and I can scrounge...

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