Saturday, July 10, 2010

Good 'ole Dad, Mom and the Free Ceramic Crew

Being apart of a family business has been good so far. It's nothing new to me though..growing up with Dad and Mom who created a number of small businesses that were run right from the living room. The best was the one called "Courtesy Printing". Dad printed everything from the programs at the county Rodeo to coupon books and business cards for the small community in Roseburg, Oregon. Not only were us kids forced to help now and then, and of course resent it completely at the time, looking back now I understand now what good 'ole Dad was going through during that time- basically working his ass off to keep food on the table and clothes on his family's backs while Mom payed the bills and ran the technical sides of things and cooking for the family every day. It's some really tough shit to go through and I respect them immensely for it. If anything my parents are both hard working..and when the shit hits the fan they can just crank- the apple don't fall far from the horse's mouth... (is that how the saying goes? haha)

Working on the weekends is nothing new for the potter...and they hardly experience a great deal of off time or vacation..and this is something I'm trying to get used to. Today, since we have a firing schedule coming down on us real fast, we spent the day in the studio working and planning on another full day tomorrow. We're going to ship off two kilns loads to the Northern Clay center by the end of the month..and Monday is our last bisque kiln for it... I spent the day making the goods that will make the display look real sharp: teapots, jugs, and whiskey flasks. A little variety goes a long way I think. Here's a couple shots of the family hard at work. Emily is attaching some handles to some mugs I made and Matt is in the backround painting the underglaze on already bisqued fired pots.

And now since my wonderful girl (who's off in France being a super cool artist in residency) and I found an awesome place to live, just a block and a half away from my sister's place. I get to walk to work everyday..which takes about two minutes, if i walk normal..and maybe three if I go real slow. This last pic is of the alley I take two or four times a day.... Not bad huh? I almost bumped noses with a deer this morning...

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