Monday, May 2, 2016

good ole Mondays

Monday's are good for me.  The studio is closed to members and students.  The only clay folks walking around are staff and resident artists.  We don't even answer the phone. So please leave a message will you?  We'll get back to you on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Monday has been designated the "do it or lose it" day.  Nah, I just made that up.. but it's kind of true.  Most Mondays you'd find me loading kilns or mixing glazes.  Without interruption I can load up these two kilns and mix up a few glazes or unload something else.  Today was the kiln day.  We have a "shino" firing going in the big one (we call that kiln the 40), which is great because so many people glazed work for it..and a regular reduction cone 10 in the medium kiln (called the 20).  All in all it's about 60 cubic feet of glazed pots waiting for their finish fire make-over.  Tomorrow I'll be firing both kilns for a bit..and around 3 pm I'll had the reins off to Heidi and Cj to fire off.

When so many people out there dread the Monday, I feel lucky when it is.  The rest of the week is a whirl wind of people and energy, which is a totally different ride full of fun and excitement.  I never really know who might walk in or what might happen.


  1. that's a great lot of pots... how many students do you have?

  2. Hi Anna. Here at AMOCA we have about 200 active members, students and people paying for firing services.