Saturday, October 10, 2015

i'm working!

The doctors said I can go back to work!  Next Tuesday I'll officially be back at the AMOCA Ceramics Studio.  Finally.  Jeez...   you know, if somebody says, "hey you want 2 months off of work?  all you gotta do is break some ribs and have surgery".  holy hell, you know it's not real.  Screw not doing anything. I feel like I've finally woken up from a bad dream.  God damn, and to top it off that shooting in Oregon happened in my home town!  It's been a crazy few months let me tell you.  I feel like that kid that just can't stop moving, but as an adult, I found ways to stop moving... like tv and beer.  Holy hours of wasted time?  ha... but what else is there to do with broken ribs?

brush holder near my carving table.

Now that I'm feeling stronger and stronger I've been pushing myself in my little studio downstairs.  I've got a few deadlines coming up.  Nothing like a deadline to light a fire under my ass.  I wish I wasn't the kind of guy that works best under pressure or deadlines.  I gotta figure out how to work constantly, slow and steady...

The latest thing is a commission for some tiny plates, a number of dinner sets and hopefully get some pots made for a pottery sale happening November 7th.  Dinner plates, mugs, cups and bowls... Oh and of course the Xmas pottery sale at AMOCA.

Dinner plate on the left with a nice flat rim for carving..and a group of mugs in my damp box that will get handles tonight or tomorrow.

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