Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Shino firing

Last Friday we unloaded the big Shino firing.  Lots of browns, reds and carbon.  It turned out well.  I really reduced the hell out of it in the beginning of the firing- more then I ever had in these Geil kilns before.  I think I'll keep hitting the reduction like that from now on and do my best not to go past cone 10 and a half.  We got such deep colors...  and the copper reds turned red.  I'll admit the copper reds we've been using have been elusive to say the least.  Copper reds.... god everybody loves them!  Deep down I have a soft spot for them too.  I really love the copper reds of Brother Thomas Bezanson and Tom Turner.  If you want some real eye candy, go ahead and google them.  Make sure your parental setting is off because their pots are super hot.  zing!

Here are some photos from the firing.

After we finished unloading  I couldn't believe my eyes! Could it be?  Were those bricks all put away like that?  Man..these guys I'm lucky to work with are good.

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