Monday, October 1, 2012

slipped and ready with a pinch of Albany

hi all.  i'm feeling good about what's happening tomorrow... i'm loading the salt kiln again.  holy hell it feels nice to be prepared for a kiln.  the last kiln?  well, i took some short cuts.  i was rushed, it was a new kiln to fire... and i wasn't too excited about the results.  I ended up giving those pots a refire in the reduction kiln and they look good enough.  anyways, i learned my lesson and did it right this least all these steps I've had to take before getting to the kiln...which happens tomorrow morning.  it's just not over until it's over, right?  

The above image is a pic of some cups after i got my slip on there.  everywhere that's black will be exposed to the kiln and the salt/soda (just the clay body and black stain) while the white area with the horizontal lines and the interior will be glazed. for the last couple of weeks i've been testing an ash glaze for these.  i'm excited about it.. it's a nice apple/lime color in the reduction, good movement but still a little stiff.  it's different then my last Ash variation of this..which was 45 Ash, 55 Clay (the porcelain I used back in MT).  i think that the salt/soda will bleach it out just a bit and give the glaze a bit more movement down the pots.  so the ingredients are cool too, i think.  it's like this:  55 pine ash, (burned in a friends wood stove, shipped from Helena, thanks Em!) 10 Boxcar (the porcelain body I'm using), and 35 Albany.  Yah, ALBANY.  I found a bag of it here in the studio.  I know it's not being mined anymore, i understand that, but... well, why not?  all those potters back in the day got to have all the fun.  i'm tired of reading about it in books, or seeing it as an ingredient in old glazes.. so I said, I want to know what all the hype was about.  fun huh?  the three ingredients i'm using in the glaze (appropriately named, "Bobby's Sweet Ash")  are all things I wont be able to reproduce again once the Albany or my Ash runs out or I move away and can't get this clay anymore.  how smart is that?  but it's been fun testing them... 

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