Friday, September 21, 2012

carvers: i feel your pain

You guys know of a few ceramic artists like... Adam Field, Kathy King, Matt Metz, David Regan and Sue Tirrell? (click the links to see their work)  All of these really awesome this; they carve, or slice or sgraffito if you will, most of the pots they make...and I just want to let them know.. man to woman, or man to man-  Wow.  I feel your pain.

Most of the last three days has been dedicated to this part of my pots.  It's been good.  At times I found myself lost in a world of landscapes, atmospheres, and crazy black and white design.  I'd even start to day dream about where the place is that I'm drawing.  Do people live here?  Are these ancient cave dwellings or mythical clouds pouring down rain, or am I drawing a vast and empty plane that's on fire?  Is that mug on the top far right.. is that an aligator with rounded teeth??  Are these bugs?  Did I play too much Super Mario Bros. when I was a kid?

I really enjoyed it design would lead to another.  I'd carve one and think..huh..  well, I like that, but I don't like that..and then expound on it with the next guy.  I still have many pots to go.. I've finished all the cups, bowls and mugs.. now onto the more complicated things.  I have a board of bud vases that are so delicate it makes them really challenging to carve...   and of course, these covered jars that I'm letting sit awhile..  I'm excited about the forms and really want to nail a good carving.


  1. Love the wild and random designs! Hope you'll post pictures of them finished!

  2. Hey Bobby, here's some more pain for ya, just met Becky and Steve out in NC and they do some NUTS carving detail.

    Your pots are looking sweet! Liked what you had to say about your mind wondering and the patterns informing the next, I can totally relate to both.

    Also, wanted to ask if that pain was starting to get literal for you, I have found it really helpful to have an adjustable height table to carve on, it keeps me from jacking my back and neck, I have built some from common parts from a home depot and am happy to pass along the details if you like.


    1. hey Adam, yah the pain is real. after hours of carving at least some pain is unavoidable. pass on anything you like..the more i know about this the better! what i've been doing lately is just..adding things.. like bats, dead cats, or even plaster molds below my little banding wheel to get that adjustment i need. :)