Friday, February 7, 2014

the rhythm

"figuring out the rhythm of our lives...."

"efreewilson 2014"

Hello.  My name is bfree.  I've been making pots for some time now.  I started in high school... I graduated in 2000.  I'm 31 now.  I've been making pots since then.  I've been around.  I've met some people.. I've been to a few places... and oh yah, I saw that one movie that changes everybody's life.  I've cried and loved.  I've fought and have the scars to prove it.  I've been there .... and i've been here.

give it a second...

  Now...what's most important is the latter..which is a mentality I'm continuously dealing with..the HERE.  John Lennon had a shirt that said.. "you are here".  it's the saying on a map when you're in a new place (or old) and want to know what the hell is going on... just look for the magic symbol of an arrow....those beautiful words... "you are here".  how comforting!  how such a simple sentence can clear the room.  these pots are where I am.... in a really messed up way of thinking about what pots are..and what they mean.  these pots, because they're the last I've made.....  are "here".......and where I am.

 Here in this picture is the culmination of my time.  it calls back to things before and things now....  and now with words it really puts it all together in a sense of...time....  Are  we only as good as the last thing we make (or do)?  if so those bottles represent everything in my past...  That's me and what I've been through.  in a lot of ways i feel it isn't good enough..which is why every artist thinks that what they make isn't good enough!

and for now I see them.  in fact the bottles in their "non-digital" form sit on the table with me as I type.  they look different..  they're waiting.  or is it me who is waiting?  can it be like looking in the mirror or is it a picture of a fantasy?  a thing i've imagined and created... can it really BE.... me?

so here in lies the problem...  as an artist.  you're an artist?  You want to be one?  so make something. take that thing and place it within your life... acknowledge the ever present act of "figuring out the rhythm of your life..." recognize that even the daily act of looking at somebody or smiling at - a - thing.  it is a projection of you.  the things you make.  the things I make...

are they the same?


  1. They are not the same.You are you. That is what is so great. The art that you make is great too... but it is not YOU. It may reflect aspects of you but... YOU are great either way, Just because you ARE. YOU are UNIQUE.
    The here is the NOW.
    That is actually all we HAVE... moment to moment.
    Of course, your past may inform what you do in the now. But it is only the now that is now... Get it? Of course you do.
    As an artist...there is definitely struggle... struggle with THIS and much more... I think a lot of us are in this vibe at present and we need to ride it out. This video is interesting too... for me at least.
    I am listening.

  2. I'm sorry to contact you like this, but I couldn't find any email contact info. Yesterday I was searching online for plaster troughs and I came across your blog from June, 2011. I think the design is so clever! I was wondering if you ever sell the wooden parts? I would be very interested in purchasing them so that I could make plaster troughs too. I have made some in the past and they are way too big and bulky to easily move around. Could you please provide me with your email address so I could get in touch? Thank you!

  3. Hi Rebecca. I don't have the parts for sale.... but i'd be glad to talk with you about it. my email is