Sunday, December 2, 2012

tiles for the wall

how the hell does a ceramic person put clay on the wall?  dunno.  i guess lots do.  a lot of ceramic people focus strictly on the wall..  anyways for me when i have flat pieces of clay in front of me to carve.. I imagine them like straight up prints.  i'm doing it all, even the paper.  i like that idea.  i'd love to learn how to make my own paper..maybe one day.  so here's a small taste of one of my wall pieces for the show.  There will be 40 of these for the piece.  i just spent the last 6 hours getting the wire on the back so they'll hang nicely..while watching a new show i'm sort of addicted to called American Horror Story.  I'm usually not into horror...unless it's super campy, but this one is good.  if you have the time..check it out.  my last cone 10 in the electric is firing..and the surface of that last big jar and some teapots should look exactly like these tiles..which i'm liking the more i see it.  glaze over black and white..just..uhg. i really hate it.  so bare clay for this me if it's in the electric.


  1. They are very striking! NIce job Bobby!

  2. Awesome tiles. I could easily see those being turned into prints, maybe even woodblocks (2"-8' name it). Papermaking is easier than people think. I spent the summer researching and making paper from local plant and efficient. When is the show?

    1. hey jessica! this Friday at 5 pm. you coming?

    2. Sometimes google is not on its game or maybe it's me. I've finally found the responses to past blog comments. Let me know the next time you're in CA. Looking forward to hearing what is next on your plate. Do you have work online right now?
      Best, Jess.