Thursday, November 15, 2012

Oh I like that thing...

Ever go to a museum or an art show and see something you really like?  I wonder what it's like for we all experience the same thing?  Nah...No Way.  I'm guessing that the way people see, feel, or respond to what they see has got to be just as unique as they are, right?  But as unique as we all are, we share many, many similar traits and qualities.  We look and feel so much in the same way..... physically we have  two arms, legs, eyes (most of the time) and mentally?  love, hate, fear, joy... It's got to be similar right?  At least we hope so.

So when I'm out and looking..with the intent to just look... I see this or that thing and I respond and associate through past experience.  As a race that works day in and day out... that does something (even if it's nothing) every day..., like getting up, eating food, starting our days and working through them...we have to see certain things that get us going that get us motivated or stimulated, or completely turns us off.

I don't really know about the rest of the world when it comes to something they've seen at a museum..but when I see that one thing.. that thing...oh it just says..."hey you...  yah you!  I'm talking to you, you sonovabitch.  Uh huh...that's right- I got you! Now you have to make me, Bobby!!!!"  I do my best to try and take the Que and do something about it...and that's what I did.

When I was in LA about a month ago, I went to the Getty Museum and saw this wonderful pot.  I can't even tell you where it's from..but I do know, from the image, that it was made in the 1400s...  Middle Eastern I'm guessing.  a Water basin for washing... maybe, Who really knows?  My point is, is that it doesn't matter.  We see things, internalize, and then regurgitate.  How vast the history of Ceramics is...

Thank you really old, good pot.  You inspired me to make something new through your eyes.  I'll call this a Water Basin..but I doubt, very seriously..that anybody would ever use something like this to wash up with in the morning or whenever.  At the least, if anybody ever decides they must own this..  it will sit and stand up to the age of time.  How fun, huh?  I love thinking of my pots growing extremely old...outliving me by decades or millennia.

This lovely basin took all day to carve.  Oi...


  1. Yes, I'm also a museum junky, and love to be inspired to try to make something "in the vein of" or "inspired by" those talented anonymous potters of yore. Your bowl is outstanding, and I can see it inspiring potters a few centuries from now! Seriously!

  2. hey b. Rogers. thanks for the comment. Indeed..the museum can really get the creative juices flowing, huh?? i love thinking that the pots I make can inspire somebody else. really. i hope it can. thanks for saying so.