Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's all done

Last night was the night to shoot some slides, label and pack the pots away to be delivered (in about half an hour). I'm happy to get these pots out of here and move on with my life. Sometimes these things can really become all consuming and it's important to not let it take total control of you. When I finally got to lay down last night I was still a little wound up so I had some time to think. There's no way I could have done any of this without a hugely supportive group of people very close to me. If anything from a well needed break in the middle of the day, processing the wood at the kiln, an over-night shift at the kiln, or cooking dinner to truly understanding how much stupid effort this can take. I'm really lucky to have people like my friends and family on my side. Thanks.

Today begins the next thing. After the delivery I'm training my replacement at Free Ceramics and getting my life together for a big change that's happening at the end of this month.. I'm moving to Redlodge, Montana to be an artist in residence at the Red Lodge Clay Center from February through March!


  1. The pots that survived are interesting. I like the teapots and vases very much. I am in the process of trying to get some decent pictures using the light box I have. Any suggestions on a reasonably priced camera? Do you recommend a particular camera?

    1. i've had the great opportunity to use just about any camera that's available. the majority of the time I've had to borrow my cameras from a friend. nice cameras are so expensive! these particular slides were shot with a Canon Rebel Xs. I'm not quite sure what the settings were.. It usually takes me awhile to get the images to look decent enough by just fiddling with settings. I can't recommend a specific camera, but one that you can slow the shutter speed down and can adjust to certain types of light is a must. At one point I had a coolpix camera that lived in my pocket for about 3 years. I would shoot slides with that until the lens got really messed up. It did it's job..but if you want really high quality images, if you can find a professional... I've heard it's worth the money.

  2. Seriously beautiful pots.

  3. All done, and very well done! Great pots!