Monday, June 13, 2011

I make pots

I make pots.

I make pots because I know I wont get a lot of money for them, at least not until I’m really old, or dead..(but for that to happen I have to be really good). I make pots because I’m not afraid of working extremely hard. I’ve accepted the fact that unless I marry into wealth, win the lottery or get a job teaching at a college (pyramid scheme), I will be living a meager life making it extremely difficult to purchase large items such as a house, a new car, or even the expertise of a doctor or dentist. I make pots because I’m in love with pots themselves, from all places of the world and from history. I make pots because of other potters. Potters are pretty unique characters in this world. We love to eat, we love to drink and we love to laugh. As potters we share the same language. Clay has no boundaries. Clay is a way of living. Clay can open many doors and take you to many places. I make pots because each pot is a question and an answer. I make pots because it is both scientific and expressive. Science as a base of fact allows for infinite possibilities of expression. I make pots because I have to. I make pots because of you. I make pots because they hold the truth. I make pots. I make pots…lots of pots.

(this is my new artist statement)


  1. I think that was the first artist statement I not only read all the way through, but the first that I could actually understand.
    It may seem tongue-in-cheek to many, but it's marvelous to me!
    It's a keeper.

  2. love it! (pics & words)

    also, never really noticed the word bubble for baby before :D HA!

  3. Bobby: Your blog continues to improve. Perhaps it is the wisdom of aging. Google artists moving to Detroit for cheap housing. Artists always find a way. One of these days we need a reunion of The Wild Bunch. All the best of pots and life.

  4. wow thanks guys. you know it's silly..i started to write this as a joke about the top ten words to use in an artist statement...because you know, when you start to read one, you feel like you've read them all. but you know what? i just can't take myself serious.. because i so many ways what we do is insane... but this one is at least..genuine. Adam- yah, i forgot you took that pic! haha.. Fetish- no kidding man, i"m glad you enjoyed. TC- one day... we will..and the cradle will rock.